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The Transhumans are a trio based in Ventura, California who came together in early 2005 to continue the tradition of improvised music, but with a twist: electronics combined with the pulse of live acoustic drums. Maybe not entirely new, but definitely surprising when heard from their unique perspective.

ments of "experimental," jazz, electronica and "noise" by means of a combination of electronic synths, FX and loops, as well as various acoustic percussion instruments.If you enjoy abstract expressionism in the visual arts, there is a good chance you'll like The Transhumans.


BOB STERLING: Acoustic and electronic drums, hand percussion, sampler, Effects
PATRICK RODRIGUEZ: Synth, sampler, Effects
JUSTIN CASSIDY: Synth, sampler, Effects

CDs: Their first CD, "Five Stories," was released in 2005 as a five midi-disc set packaged with a small booklet of "stories" based upon the music. As many listeners have said, their music is imaginative and surprising in its spontaneous creativity. 

Their second CD, "Into the Maelstrom," was released in April 2007 on the pfMentum Label and marks an extension and elaboration on their experiments in live, improvised music. 



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2016: "Blake" available at PaperCuts Records  (

2015: "Exiled" available at PaperCuts

2014: "Sink" Available at LoveEarth 

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